COACH-D is a template-based algorithm for protein-ligand binding site prediction. First, five individual methods are used to predict the ligand-binding pockets and residues. Then the ligands (from the templates or the user) are the docked into the binding pockets. One of the major improvements of COACH-D over COACH are the ligand-binding poses are refined to make them physically more realistic, using the efficient molecular docking algorithm AutoDock Vina. In addition, COACH-D has a new option to accept the submission of ligand. Read more about the COACH-D algorithm...

The major results returned by COACH-D include:


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  • Q Wu, Z Peng, Y Zhang, J Yang, COACH-D: improved protein-ligand binding site prediction with refined ligand-binding poses through molecular docking, Nucleic Acids Research, 46: W438–W442 (2018).